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Title: Serial Port splitter stops passing data
Post by: K8AC on May 28, 2011, 06:02:08 PM
Running Serial Splitter, 4.3.83, on Win 7 (32 bit Home Premium).  One hardware device attached to COM1, running at 57.6 Kbps.  Set up to split that port to COM7 and COM8, with software applications each using one of those.  Both applications run just fine, and both poll the hardware device every 100 or 200 ms.  Everything runs just great for a while, but after some random length of time (often an hour or more), I notice that the two applications are no longer talking to the COM1 port device.  No error messages, except from one of the applications that notices the device isn't responding.  When this happened the first time after the install, I noticed that the Eltima service was stopped and when I restarted it and the applications, the communications worked again.  After the second time, I went into properties for the service and set the options to restart the first and second time it stops. 

Now when it fails, I end up stopping and restarting the service and then everything is OK.  Not sure where to go from here - is this typical behavior, or a problem?  I was just evaluating the product on a 14 day trial and if it won't run for 24 hours without failing, I can use it.  Help!
Title: Re: Serial Port splitter stops passing data
Post by: Tina on May 31, 2011, 11:03:49 AM
I apologize for the inconveniences you experienced while using Serial Splitter.

I regret to say that our testers were unable to reproduce the problem you described. Unfortunately it does not seem possible to reproduce this issue without your device.

Our developers will be glad to compile extended debug build of Serial Splitter for you if you agree to cooperate with us in our efforts to find out the root cause of the problem.

Thanks in advance.
Title: Serial Port splitter stops passing data
Post by: diexiawrata on January 26, 2012, 09:49:01 PM
Any one knows how to add a serial port to the Nokia770. I am trying to debug the device and it is very hard with out any output.

I have noticed an 11 pins conector pad in the battery compartment of the device, is their any chance that some of those pins are for serial port?