Streaming two or more physical comports into 1 virtual com port(Read 14838 times)
We would like to attach two or more vhf two way radios to two or more physical computer comports
and stream the data into one virtual comport. The data in turn would be read by our software.
The software is capable of sending text messages to the vhf field radios and also polling the field
radios for gps string data. The field radios have gps receivers attached. The software knows which
radios to send the text messages and which radios to poll by a system of radio id's.
So the comports would also have to be bidirectional, stream both ways.
Would your software work with this project? ;D

Re: Streaming two or more physical comports into 1 virtual com port Reply #1 on: October 28, 2010, 10:17:48 AM

I recommend you to test Serial Splitter. This product will hopefully suit your needs. Note that Serial Splitter allows you not only to split and share serial ports, but also to join ( many real ports into one virtual. In this case everything sent to any real port in a bundle (joined port) will be duplicated to the virtual one (joining port), and vice versa.

To read about its features, please visit the page:

Please download free trial version of the software and test its functionality yourself:


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