Syncing from OUTLOOK into anything fails!(Read 4158 times)
Syncing from OUTLOOK into anything fails! on: June 16, 2013, 11:04:44 AM
I've been working on this for hours (and days!)... and I'm holding onto a thread of hope that I can somehow get this done.  I want my main calendar in Outlook (not a google or icloud calendar) to be synced with iCal & Outlook on a second Mac, and also our iPhones/iPad calendars.  I want to use Outlook on my laptop and desktop computers but cannot figure out how to get the two computers to sync with one another's Outlook apps/iCals or with my gmail account. 

All kinds of errors --- no data transfer; multiple occurrences of the same events; old calendars being synced; Outlook freezes/shuts down.

I've cleared out all of my calendars from all of my applications on both of my computers - iCal, google online, iCloud - in hopes that I can take the MASTER OUTLOOK from my desktop Mac and sync it over to any one of those other calendars.  No luck.

Please help me.  I'm dying here!


Re: Syncing from OUTLOOK into anything fails! Reply #1 on: July 01, 2013, 10:10:21 AM

Please, accept our apologies for the delay in replying. The following instruction from our blog, may assist you with configuring of Outlook for Mac synchronization:

In case if, after following the above instruction, the automatic sync of Outlook data with default applications (Address Book, iCal, etc.) fails, then the issue is, most probably, related to hanging of Mac OS Sync Service and could be fixed by the correct restart of the driver (

For further troubleshooting of the issue, please try to proceed a driver restart following the below steps:

1. Download the specific interface for Sync Service, called iSync. It could be downloaded from:

2. Extract the archive and copy to ~/Applications folder.

3. Launch it, Sync Service icon will appear in Mac menu bar.

4. Close all other applications.

5. Hold the Option key on your keyboard and click the Sync menu in Mac menu bar.

6. Choose "Reset Sync Services..." option.

7. Reboot your Mac.

After performing of these steps the automatic sync process of Outlook data with native Mac OS applications, should start working without a problem. And you will be able to use SyncMate to subsequently sync this data to remote computers, mobile devices and online accounts.

In case if you still encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service via with the description of the issue.

Best regards.


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