Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control - Monitoring of several ports(Read 5479 times)
How can I monitor two or more serial ports at the same time?

As I understand, the control's interface doesn't allow this. I try to create two instances for COM1 and COM2, but the second instance failed to start monitoring. I run two instances of sample application, but get the same problem.

1. You can monitor several ports simultaneously by creating multiple class instances.

2. Just in case, we have checked our examples: we had no problem running 7 instances of the same application at a time - all instances were able to successfully start the monitoring.

What is the version and bit count of your Windows, and what kind of serial ports do you have? Which of the sample applications did you observe the problem with? Any specific details that might help us reproduce the problem?


I've tried again at it works. Now I think that one of the ports was opened by some application and I didn't see that. Sorry!


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