After SyncMate-Sync from 10.5.8 with Android-Device all Contacts are disabled...(Read 6736 times)
... but on the phone. They are just not shown by default.

How do I enable all of them? One at a time is possible but seems to be very time-consuming. I would like to avoid this. (About 450 unique contacts)

And more important: Why does this happen? And how do I prevent this the next time I sync from scratch?

OS X 10.5.8 on MacBook CoreDuo and Motorola Milestone 2. Sync via USB or WLAN.

Nice Day! Janne/bas

strangly, after an other sync (this time in both directions) all the contacts are shown as they suppose to be shown. I thought I tried this befpre posting here.


from my side this topic can be closed


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