SyncMate 4: Handling of subfolders, invisible files/folders and security(Read 3805 times)

Looking to purchase SyncMate4 and have a few questions.

I basically need to sync one folder on my PC with my mac.  This folder has 50 sub-folders, each of those averages 20 sub folders.  All told with sub-folders and folders within those there are some 6 thousand folders and on the order of 50 thousand files representing about 6 gigs of data.  These files don't all change at once, just usually individual files or at most a few dozen files changed or added if I copy in content into this folder.  My questions are:

1) Are there any issues handling sub-folders, this number of folders, files or amount of data?

2)  There are hidden files and sub-folders within this one main folder I want to share that are used by project workspaces, will SyncMate sync these hidden files and sub-folders?

3)  The functional description says SyncMate will show other devices it can sync with that it can connect to.  Is there any sort of security where my mac and PC can communicate but someone else running SyncMate that is on the same network can't?

Thanks for any info.


Thank you for your interest in our service. Let me address your questions:

1. SyncMate is capable of syncing any amount and size of files and folders, as well as sub-folders underneath. However, synchronization of such big number of files can take quite a while. But, I am also happy to inform you that only the first sync attempt will be rather long, all subsequent synchronizations will be much faster, due to the fact that SyncMate checks the information relevance according to own logged sync history.

2. By default, SyncMate exclusion filters are configured to ignore all hidden files and folders (which name starts from "." symbol). However, you can easily disable this filter in "Folders" plugin configuration.

3. You can configure SyncMate to allow connections only from certain list of IP addresses or manually allow each connection to be established. You can also password-protect the incoming connections for additional security.

The detailed user-guide for SyncMate 4, describing all software options and configuration can be found at our wiki:

Hope this information helps.


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