SyncMate 5 Expert syncing with itunes no listed ios playlists and outlook(Read 3214 times)
Hey new user.

1) Have synched contacts and all others but with iphone 6 cannot create new pair for sync with itunes. I tunes playlists all visable but nothing in lists for iphone and create playlist option is grayed out for iphone as well. no refresh as if cant see iphone at all in itunes plug in..

Help its the reason I bought this thing...

2) can the google sync interface google calendar, contacts etc to MS outlook (office 11 Mac) ?


Thank you for reporting this issue. We confirm the problem with iTunes syncing for iPhone 6, and we are already working on its resolving. You can configure iTunes plugin to sync folder with music from iPhone to iTunes playlist on Mac, but  not the other way round. We will try to address it as soon as possible and release an update for SyncMate.

As for the sync with Outlook for Mac, I regret to inform you, but since the release of Mac OS 10.9, synchronization of Outlook for Mac data is no longer possible. Both, Outlook and SyncMate 4, used Mac OS sync service driver, for synchronization process. It has been excluded by Apple, from the operating system in Mavericks.

In SyncMate 5, we have included our own developed driver, to support the OS X Mavericks and higher. But, in order for Outlook to sync properly, Microsoft should include similar driver into their software on their own.

That is why Outlook synchronization is not currently possible under OS X Mavericks and Yosemite, and it can not be handled by SyncMate.


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