Airy for Windows version does not support a full download YouTube channel(Read 7490 times)
good morning
The purchase of a copy of the program Airy for Windows

But I can not download the full YouTube channel as you think
So what is the proper way to download the full channel
This example of the free channel

I hope the explanation and assistance and support where I am you buy in order to download only full channel


Unfortunately the current version of Airy for Windows cannot download the full Youtube channel. We may add this feature in the future updates of Airy.

You can add a list of links from a text document. Note that each link should be started from a new link. Here is the example for you, simply highlight both links, copy them and paste in Airy:

Also Airy for Mac can download playlists from Youtube. We may add the ability to download a playlist in the future release of Airy for Windows.

Hope for your understanding.


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