Commander One bug/feature request: incorrect encodings in viewer, no shortcut(Read 3051 times)
Command One viewer has a very unpleasant "feature" of adapting incorrect encodings to text files, without a keyboard shortcut that would allow fast changing this encoding.

For instance - all files with extensions like:
are all opened in "HEX" mode and require getting your hands from the keyboard, using mouse or touchpad to select "TEXT" encoding and switching back to the view.
Similarly, the HTML and XML files always open in the "HTML" encoding, which (esp. in case of the XML) is useless for most of IT people.
When browsing through hundreds of small files it becomes a nightmare...

Please at least add a shortcut to switch the encoding (in Total Commander the encodings in the viewer were switched using number keys, which was trivial, but quite functional).
And (as a second step), please allow configuration of what default encoding should be applied to what extension (it seems hardcoded now).


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