Commander One feature request: shortcut to focus on command line(Read 3384 times)

I am a "forever user" of the Windows-based Total Commander, recently transferred to Mac.
Commander One (Pro) is a sensible alternative, although still lacking a hell of a lot features (which forces me to use the console-based Midnight Commander too often to my taste).
I will submit a few feature requests that would make my work much easier, if you do not mind. All in separate posts, to allow better tracking. Or maybe you have some publicly available issue tracker?

The first FR: I need a shortcut that would move me to the command line.
I cannot find one...
In Total Commander there was a nice feature, that typing any letter, including space (without modifiers) moved focus to the command line. Having same feature (with an exception of space, perhaps, since you use it for selection) would be good, but a shortcut would do as well.


Re: Commander One feature request: shortcut to focus on command line Reply #1 on: November 02, 2015, 04:43:09 PM

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to address your requests.

We have forwarded your request regarding shortcut for command line to our software developers. We will consider including such feature in the upcoming upgrades of Commander One.


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