Commander One feature request: command line should allow changing the dir(Read 4089 times)
In Windows-based Total Commander there was a very nice option - when you typed a command (e.g. cd ..\..\..), the directory shown in the current pane was updated accordingly. This allowed not only a fast navigation using cd, but allowed to stay in context.

I would welcome this option in CO. One can do something similar now, but only opening the terminal. Which renders the command line a bit underpowered.


Yes, we are ware of this behavior in Total Commander, and we are searching for methods to achieve this in Commander One. Unfortunately, Mac OS is more limited in Accessibility questions, thus it is currently impossible to change directory in main Commander One window, by means of command line. But we hope to include such functionality in future.

There are certainly better options to consider, but since you execute the commands in the terminal anyway (the one opened by ctrl-o), you might execute an extra command to check the current directory in that terminal, for instance by a silly:
pwd > /tmp/.dirsync
And then read the /tmp/.dirsync file and update the dir in the pane.

I know, it is trivial, it's just a thought.


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