I need a Linux Client, Kernel, able to receive USB ports over IP (Read 5680 times)

I need a USB Network Gate or USB Ethernet Connector "Linux Client capable" software that will work with Ubuntu 10.04 with a Kernel Version

Does Eltima Software have a Linux Client able to run on Ubuntu 10.04 with a Kernel version
I hope very sincerely ?  If I'd have to utilize your earlier versions, then named USB Ethernet Connector,
that worked with OLDER Linux Kernels, that will work !

Also, do you know if your USB software will work on Colinux which is known to have USB issues ?

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Hi Peter,

I believe the latest release of USB Network Gate will work fine on your system. Please feel free to download a trial version and try it out for yourself: https://www.eltima.com/products/usb-over-ethernet/
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