Commander One feature request: allow configuration of external editor(Read 6510 times)

One more feature request.
I would really like to be able to use a different editor, than the default TextEdit (e.g. Sublime Text).
Unfortunately, I cannot change it - there is no such an option in Preferences.
I guess it is a trivial change to implement.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for getting back to us. I would like to inform you that custom editor for F4 option is one of the most requested features and we already considering to include it in the upcoming upgrades of Commander One.


i just bought the Commander One, but could it be that you still can't change the standard editor to another? That's a really big problem for us. Is it possible to change that?


Sorry, but an ability to set a custom editor for "Edit-F4" is not currently available in Commander One. We are planning to include this option in the future updates of the app.

One year has passed since the request, but the external editor option was not added. Dear developers, if you're going to ignore your customers, most of them find an alternative of the Commander One

The editor can be changed since the last update:


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