COMMANDER ONE - Big features missing from PRO(Read 3441 times)
COMMANDER ONE - Big features missing from PRO on: January 22, 2017, 11:15:02 PM

I bought the PRO version not too while ago and I've been fiddling with it. I think there are a few things that need urgent improvement, especially considering the huge competition:

  • Tags: where are them? I have plenty of tagged folders to distinguish them and now they all look the same, it's a nightmare to quickly localize the targets. This is a productivity kill
  • The console thing is a joke. Characters are wrong and it just doesn't have my theme, keyboard shortcuts or anything. I use iTerm with Zsh, good time spent configuring it. Why can't I launch it from Commander One?
  • Sidebar / Favorites: How can I quickly access my projects folder? Or /Volumes? Or any other? A sidebar like the one Finder has, or Crax Commander or any other competitors would be wonderful. Commander One really needs a snap "favorites" access feature.
  • Any way to get rid of the vertical line that divides the columns? They are not helpful as data itself serves as the visual cue for the division. They are just visual noise.

Also, how about we add some simple but useful sysadmin / power user features in it? For example:


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