COMMANDER ONE – two missing great features of Total Commander(Read 3065 times)
Commander One is great file manager very similar to Total Commander.
But two things, I missing:
  • Filtered incremental search in panel. When I type letters in file panel, Commander One did move focus to nearest entry, which started with those letters. It's great. But much more great – is to reduce file list in panel to only matched entries. And matched not only at start or entry name, but also in middle.
  • Open selected folder content in opposite panel. When I stand on directory entry in left panel, I can press ctrl+right, and content or this directory will open in right panel. Opposite: when i stand on directory at right panel, I can press ctrl+left and open directory in left panel.
This two features are great and convenience.

P.S. One little bug: some input boxes does not handle Escape key, for example command+shit+G.


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