Commander One problem report: drag&drop vs select is much too sensitive(Read 6776 times)
The "drag" functionality in CO is very annoying - in most cases when I want to drag&drop some file, the "file select" option kicks in instead.
The "drag" works only if the file is picked up and dragged very vertically, anything over 45 deg from vertical is interpreted as "select"
In the effect 80% times I need to begin "de-selection" of accidentally selected group of files, than carry on with work.

I am not sure if the selection should be at all done this way, but if so - then the angle telling the "drag" and "select" options apart should be larger than 45% (maybe even configurable? It might be a personal preference).



Thank you for your report. I would like to inform you that we consider changing selection to right-click instead of left, to avoid this behavior. Meanwhile, I may suggest you holding the pressed click for a moment, before starting dragging the selected files, this way it will be much easier.

Thank you.
Holding does the trick, but the hold timeout (2 seconds) is way too long to be comfortable.

You may also consider making the drag vs select functionality consistent with the basic OS X Finder, where drag can be activated (without risking of confusing it with select) through "click -> depress -> click & drag" sequence. I'm not sure it is very intuitive, but at least it would be consistent with the Mac standards.

Thanks a lot it worked, it was looking for and it worked

When will this drag-drop behavior be changed, it is very flaky at the moment and takes a few tries just to drag and drop a simple file. Holding also doesn't seem to work all the time.


Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. I informed out testers team about this behaviour of the software and our testers assured me that they are going to work upon the improvement of drag&drop feature and that the enhancements will be available in the new build of Commander One.

Kind regards,


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