CloudMounter very slow with oneDrive and crash the file expolirer(Read 4577 times)

I just installed CloudMounter and i'm trying to upload some picture in my OneDrive.

My oneDrive contains ~ 20GO of data.
I have a folder (Picture) which contains ~10GO.

When i navigate in my oneDrive folder throug CloudMounter, the first time i click on a folder it's very slow (for some folders more than 15 seconds). Obviously biggest is the folder slower is the navigation.

I tried to copy about 1GO from my computer to oneDrive, and it made my file explorer crash, i had to reboot my computer.

I downloaded the application from the AppStore.

To compare i downloaded the ExpendDrive trial and it has absolutely 0 latency problem and i was able to upload my files without any problem.

Hello Nicolas,

We have sent you the details to your email address on this issue.
In order to troubleshoot this issue, please provide us with next information:

* specify your macOS version;
* have you enabled “Keep Extended Attributes” and “Encryption” options?(deactivate these functions and restart the app).

If it will not work, then try out website version of CloudMounter software and install FUSE and reproduce your actions.


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