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I'm still running on a trial for Flexihub, testing if this solution will work for me. I have 4 machines in use right now, 3 of them are Windows 10 (Win10.1, Win10.2, Win10.3), and one Windows 7 (Win7.1). Win10.1 has 4 USB wifi adapters attached (all the same model, Realtek RTL8811AU), which I am trying to share to the other machines. Win10.1 is within range of a hotspot, but the other machines are not, and I'm trying to get them all connected to that same hotspot for testing.

So far, I have only been successful in connecting all 3 of the client machines to the Win10.1 host. They ran pretty well for a few hours, but then the wifi adapter on Win10.2 stopped working. The wifi adapter still appeared in my network connections, but it was disabled. If I tried to enable it, nothing happened and it would stay disabled. So I disconnected the USB device (which removed the network adapter), and then tried to reconnect it. But when I tried to reconnect, Flexihub now says "Failed to connect to device" and "Operation error". Restarting the flexihub service on Win10.2 did not fix the issues, and restarting the machine entirely did not fix it either.

So I disconnected all USB devices from Win10.1, and then on Win10.1 I restarted the Flexihub service. This allowed Win10.2 to reconnect to Flexihub and use the wifi adapter again...but then Win10.3 and Win7.1 could not connect (same error). I restarted the Flexihub service on each of those machines, and after the restart Win10.3 could connect, but Win7.1 could not. I restarted the Win7.1 machine entirely, and that allowed it to reconnect...but a few minutes later Win10.3 lost it's connection.

It's been 2 days, and I've tried countless permutations of restarting the Flexihub service on each of the 4 machines, and restarting the machines completely. I finished by restarting all 4 machines at the same time, but nothing has solved the issue. It appears random which clients will be able to connect to the USB wifi adapters, and reinstalling the software does not seem to help either.

Looking for some suggestions here, or some more diagnostic information I can check. When the clients are connected, it seems to work well...but only for a while. Even when I tested with just 1 client (Win10.2 connected to Win10.1 wifi adapter), it was only stable for a couple of hours and then it just randomly disabled the wifi adapter again and actually froze explorer on Win10.2. Any help is appreciated.

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Does Flexihub have known issues with physical USB hubs? I had the adapters plugged into a USB 2.0 hub when the issues were occurring, but I just moved all 4 of them to built-in ports on the front and back of the PC case. All 3 of the client machines have been connected and stable for a few hours now.

When I originally setup the wifi adapters, I ran into the known issue described on the Flexihub known issues page (forum doesn't allow posting links, but it was titled "Several devices are shown in the GUI as one"). Before the fix, I could only see one adapter in Flexihub. But after performing the registry edit described in the link, I was able to see all 4 adapters normally.

But maybe Flexihub still has an issue identifying USB devices with the same harware IDs when they are attached to a hub? I dunno, I will test some more. I'm surprised how unstable this software is though...I used USB Network Gate a few years ago for another project, and it was pretty stable.

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I'm very sorry for the delay in replying. As I understand the USB WiFi adapters work stable if you plug them into the USB port directly and share them via FlexiHub. We need two logs from the USB Analyzer tool.

Please install our USB Analyzer software (http://www.eltima.com/products/usb-port-monitor/) and record 2 monitoring sessions on your client computer: one when you plug the USB device directly to the USB port, the other - when you connect to it through the HUB.

To record a monitoring session:

a) open USB Analyzer;

b) select "New" -> "New usb device" -> "Start session";

c) insert your device into the USB port and share it via FlexiHub (or connect to it through USB Hub);

d) reproduce the issue and save the monitoring session via "Save" -> "Save as".

You can send the logs to support@eltima.com


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