CloudMounter has 54 failed uploads: how can I tell what files failed?(Read 2732 times)

I recently attempted a moderately large upload to Google Drive using CloudMounter (~28.33GB for 38,346 items), but CloudMounter is telling me 54 files failed to upload and while I am given the option to retry them (which I tried: they all just fail again) or to cancel them I don't see any way to find out what specific files are having problems.

Is there any way to get a list of the 54 files that failed to upload?

I checked the ~/Library/Application Support/com.eltima.cloudmounter/.uploads folder and I see 26,409 files spanning 6.32 GB (CloudMounter does say 6.32 GB used for cache), all of them with crazy scrambled names and not openable.


If you are not able to find these files on your Mac, you can open your mounted drives in Finder. There will be special icons on your files: the files marked with yellow icons are the ones that failed to upload.

In order to enable status icons in Finder, navigate to System Preferences → Extensions → Finder and check the box next to CloudMounter Extension:

Thanks Karina. Fortunately, most of the files were in only a couple of folders so it was easy to track them down. If it had been many more files than 54 I probably would've preferred a log file listing them out, but it my case it turned out to be pretty easy to wrangle.

I would like to inform you that this scenario will be improved within the next updates of the app.

Fantastic! Thanks for the info.


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