beginners question... Copy and overwrite by condition in Commander One?(Read 2178 times)
I am just exploring/evaluating commander one and cannot find a simple feature: when I copy files into a folder with existing files in it usually I'd expect a question from the tool or a setting in case of conflicts.
I.e. in the case the file already exists (let's say simple, comparing file names) Commander One cannot just overwrite. Usually the user wants to deside to either abort, overwrite newer, skip and copy next file, etc. Also, I'd want to deside whether my decision is valid for 1 file only or the entire copy job.
Does this feature exist?
Thanks for help

If you copy a file to the folder and the same file exists, the pop-up window "File Already exists" will appear. There will be an option to Overwrite it, Keep both, Do not overwrite or Cancel the copying of the file. Please see the attachment.


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