Bug – Elmedia Video (Mac): shuffle playlist doesnt work with next/prev button(Read 1910 times)
When i hit next or previous button, shuffle option is ignored and next or previous item in playlist is played. During normal flow, when playback reach end, shuffle option works fine.

In order to help you resolve the issue, could you kindly provide us with the following additional information via support@eltima.com?

* A screenshot of Elmedia Player 'About' screen;

* A screenshot of 'About this Mac' screen;

* An example of the video file that you have an issue with (please upload it to Dropbox and share the link with us);

* Console log (Go to: ~/Applications/Utilities/Console.app -> All Messages -> choose "Clear Display" and specify "Elmedia Player" in Filters. Then launch Elmedia Player and reproduce the issue. Finally, copy the log into the text editor and send it to us).


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