too many tcp connections in TIME_WAIT state(Read 7095 times)
too many tcp connections in TIME_WAIT state on: January 07, 2019, 07:25:33 AM
Why do we get tcp connection in TIME_WAIT state ?

We're using UNG registered Version 8.0.1812 and it shares some xNumber of USBs.

In another machine, we're using UNG Version 8.0.1859 as client software.
We connected to a shared USB and did our work. Later, we didn't disconnect the device.

Somehow, it opened multiple TCP open connections and all of them were in TIME_WAIT state ( both on Server and Client ).

When we use multiple client machines, these connections number is increasing and we've around 5000 tcp connections but number of machines connected are less than 10.

Could someone share knowledge on why this is happening ?
Is it because of version mismatch of Server and Client ?

We've another machine where it has version 8.0.1859 and it shares some USBs.
But we've very less number ( ~30 ) open TCP connections here.

What would be the problem ?

Re: too many tcp connections in TIME_WAIT state Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 04:13:56 PM

Thank you for your question. The version mismatch should not cause such issue. However, you can upgrade USB Network Gate and try to reproduce the original issue.

If the issue still persists please send the following information to "":

1. USB Network Gate Activity Logs form both server and client machines.

2. What Windows version is installed on your machine?

3. Provide us with step-by-step instructions, so we could fully review and reproduce your issue on our side.

Best regards,
Borys Khokhlenko | Eltima Customer Support |


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