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Elmedia Player for Apple TV on: July 10, 2019, 10:37:25 AM
Hi folks,

Will there be any update soon for the Apple TV version? Almost 2 years and a half without any updates, that's a shame for this wonderful player. I said shame because it's one of the best "free" player I ever found for the Apple TV (play almost everything, design is frankly well done compared to other available free version for Apple TV, and it's possible to set up some minimum settings which others even don't offer). I know there is some better paid version players which I won't tell the name here... But for my use the free version is completely enough. Though this player missed some improvements. I saw 3 things to improve:

1) The main problem is seeking which is very very slow over SMB (I didn't test with local files) and mainly with H265 files. H264 files even 4K is quite ok, as not instant compared to other players, it's fast enough but H265...is terrible! You can open a movie, seek 30min forward and have to wait at least 15sec before it plays at that time. You forward at 1hr time (from start of the movie) and it's not 15, it's double so 30sec you have to wait. The longer you go ahead in a movie, the longer you have to wait till it plays. So when you play a movie and don't watch it till the end and start it again later, you will have to wait many seconds before it reopen from the point you leave it (quite painful)! And this you can also see in preview thumbnail (where it shows the movie duration and the thumbnail/picture), all those data are shown much slower with H265 movies than any others.

2) I'm maybe not quite used (I am quite new in fact) with Apple TV but why isn't there any quick physical button or at least within the app, a quick software button to play next file (like next episode). The only way I found to play next file and don't wait the whole end credits...is pressing the physical back button and select the next movie, well really not convenient. A quick software shorcut within the app, could easily resolve this. This looks small request but at least for me it's a big miss for a video player (really a basic mising function).

3) Maybe add some settings to customize a bit the player. One exemple is like being able to set rules for subs, for exemple to play English subs (or another language) ONLY with French or any other Audio language (an automatic rule which you can of course overide). Like this eng:fre (where first "eng" is for audio and second choice "fre" is the sub selection). Another exemple would be to propose files/folders sorting option other than by alphabetical order. By date, by regrouping first folders and then files under folders, etc.

Otherwise the whole player is impressive. I understand you keep focus on paid versions/other apps over the free version but if you could find some little time to improve a bit this famous Elmedia Player for Apple TV, that would be great!

Cheers! :D
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Re: Elmedia Player for Apple TV Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 04:45:27 PM
1) In order to help you resolve the issue, could you kindly provide us with the following additional information via email support@eltima.com

* A screenshot of Elmedia Player 'About' screen;

* A screenshot of 'About this Mac' screen;

* An example of the video file that you have an issue with (please upload it to Dropbox and share the link with us);

* What generation of Apple TV you are using?;

* Reproduce an issue and send us the feedback (Help > Send feedback).

2) In order to play the next file, you can press ⌘→

More information about keyboard shortcuts you can find at this link:


3) We have passed this info to our developers' team and the requested feature may be upgraded in next updates of the player.

Re: Elmedia Player for Apple TV Reply #2 on: July 23, 2019, 10:47:27 AM
Thanks for the answer!

Regarding question 1:
Your demands look too long and complicated.
If you mind to improve your software, just tell and check with your technical staff. I'm sure you will quickly see the problem.
I used lastest Apple TV generation (4K) and tvOS 12.3 and lastest Elmedia Player Version which is 1.0.1 (not on Mac but on Apple TV so on tvOS!). Not sure with other version but at least with lastest it like that.
I tested several mkv's in HEVC and everyone made the same troubles.

About question 2:
This is a Mac related solution. I asked for Apple TV. I only have the Siri Remote and of course no Keyboard connected to it. My request is really to develop a remote shortcut feature for this (like swiping the remote pad area or better, like double-tapping a key or something similar). In the worst case a physical key directly in the application like a button to select and click (faster than stopping the episode/movie and remember where we where so at which episode we were, and finding the next one and then selecting it......).

About question 3:
Thanks for this. But I still repeat my first question. Do you know or at least could you check when around will there be a new update? I'm not asking if it's in 1 week or 1 month, but do you plan to make a new version in under 6 months or is it more in years (cause it's already 2 years and a half since last update so...)?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Elmedia Player for Apple TV Reply #3 on: July 29, 2019, 11:18:07 AM
1. We understand that our demands look too long and complicated but we are really interested in resolving this problem. Thus we need additional information about the issue.
Without the additional info that we've requested, we cannot identify the reason for the issue and provide you with a fix for it.

2. Thank you for clarification. In order to perform this scenario, we would recommend you to establish the connection between Apple TV and Bluetooth with navigation buttons. It will help you to play the next file,  swiping the remote pad area or double-tapping a key.

3. Unfortunately, there is no even an approximate ETA at the moment. You will be notified of an update release in the Elmedia Player PRO client right after it is released in the nearest future.

Hope for your understanding!


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