SocketServer Application does not work while running as a service(Read 20718 times)

We have a SocketServer EXE application that runs on port 9000. We would like this application to start running as a service so that there be less user intervention for starting the application.

The basic operation of the application is that you pass a unc filename to the app via the socket, which then in turn copy the file to a pre-defined location and give it a new filename, while responding back with the new filename to the calling application.

The issue is that when the application runs as a standard EXE, everything works fine, but when we run it as a service via Application as Service, we get an exception where either the service cannot stream the file or the filestream is terminated abnormally.

Herewith my XML file:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

      <Display>GICSAW Test</Display>
      <UponProgramExit>Restart the program</UponProgramExit>
Hope you can assist. Please let me know should you require additional information.

Kind regards,


Please run the service as  LocalSystem.
Please follow the instructions:
Application as Service -> Edit Service -> Settings -> Logon -> User Account -> Local System.
Feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions or propositions concerning our software.


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