Serial Port Monitor not able to sniff data on serial port(Read 5678 times)
I use Serial Port Monitor over several years now. I was allways able to sniff data transferred between physical device connected to serial port and corresponding PC-Application.
I now got a new PC-Application on my table to perform communication tests, but when I setup Serial Port Monitor in the same way as before and start the new PC-Application and start communication, I see no data traffic in Serial Port Monitor at all but the communication between physical device and PC-Application is running.
What could be different in the new PC-Application to prevent sniffing of data traffic with Serial Port Monitor?

Re: Serial Port Monitor not able to sniff data on serial port Reply #1 on: April 03, 2020, 02:09:51 PM

Thank you for the question.

It's hard to determine the issue with the provided information. Please reach us at and provide your original order reference number of the purchase.

We will be glad to assist.

Best regards,
Borys Khokhlenko | Eltima Customer Support |


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