Portable Drive from Multiple Computers(Read 802 times)
Portable Drive from Multiple Computers on: March 08, 2020, 11:48:49 PM
I keep my Folx files on an external drive which I access via my Powerbook. Works marvelously! I'd like to be able to plug that drive into another of my computers. I use a fairly complicated network. The imagined situation is I'm using a laptop to which the drive is attached. I have a much more powerful and speedy PowerMac upon which I'm running the Folx program. I'd like to access the drive attached to the powerbook, from the PowerMac. I've set up the preferences with all Tags linked to the networked drive and I can use the drive to download to the PowerMac, but even though both computers are working from the same folder on the portable drive, neither computer is aware of jobs which were started on the other computer...

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