How to stop SyncMate from starting at macOS login?(Read 1031 times)
How can I stop SyncMate from automatically starting when my Mac boots? It's no big deal to quit from the main menu, but since I use SyncMate at most maybe four times a year, I'd rather just start it from the Applications folder when I need to. It's not listed in my Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. This is under Catalina 10.15 and SyncMate Expert 8.
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Re: How to stop SyncMate from starting at macOS login? Reply #1 on: May 20, 2020, 01:15:03 PM
I regret to inform you, but unfortunately, it is impossible to disable the autostart of SyncMate. However, after you've finished working in it you can simply quit SyncMate from the top menubar.


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