Latest Update To Folx makes it hang on launch(Read 1098 times)
Latest Update To Folx makes it hang on launch on: December 05, 2020, 03:56:31 PM
I am running a MacBook pro, macOS 11.0.1. Did not have any issues with Folx. Yesterday the in app updater detected an available update and I went ahead and updated. And now Folx hangs at launch. No main window or anything. I have deleted the app and its supporting files, downloaded fresh installer and installed again. No go. Same thing. I was in the middle of downloading some torrents, so I am wondering if something is hanging it up at startup, may be trying to check or resume. I have removed all the unfinished torrents from my download folder and that did not help. Is there anything else anyone can suggest?

I have emailed support but no response.

Re: Latest Update To Folx makes it hang on launch Reply #1 on: December 08, 2020, 08:05:24 AM
To fix this issue, you can delete Folx library completely.

But please note that in this case the entire download list will be cleared and all Folx settings will be reset to defaults.

To do it, please, proceed the following instructions:

1. Open Applications folder > find Folx app there > right-click on Folx app and choose 'Move to Trash' option.

2. Choose 'Go' menu in the Finder, then holding Alt (Option) key, press Library and open Application Support/Eltima Software/. Then delete the "Folx3" directory there.

3. Open Terminal > insert the command:

defaults delete com.eltima.Folx3

and press ’Enter’;

4. Then download and install Folx anew.

If it does not help, please contact us via email for investigation.


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