Why is Folx so annoying, and where is the support? (Read 1263 times)
Why is Folx so annoying, and where is the support? on: January 02, 2021, 11:45:46 AM
Hi all, is there support for Folx, number one, and two, it's annoying:
  • Signed up for the pro version for search, and it's a crazy search with no clear way to filter results (and it just dumps them at u).
  • To get anything to download I have to do a voodoo dance that goes like this:
    • Click download, and accept defaults - produces a bogus out of disk space error
    • Ignore error, and then relocate the download anywhere
    • Click start task, and get the same error. So quit, and restart the download and all begins.
This is the strangest app I use!

Re: Why is Folx so annoying, and where is the support? Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 09:55:21 AM
1. Folx uses a search engine torrent sites, a list of which is given in the settings. We do not know why the search algorithms for these sites produce irrelevant results. We can offer two solutions:

1. Disable in the settings (Folx -> Preferences ... -> Search) search on eztv, rutor - they show "extra" results. But then the desired results will be less.

2. After completing the search, filter the results using the internal Folx search (Edit → Search or use hotkeys ⌘F ).

produces a bogus out of disk space error

In order to resolve this issue,  you need to do the following:

1. Check the path where you download the torrent (right-click on download-> Edit task). If the download path ('Save to') is selected 'Automatic', then the selection will occur according to the tag settings (you can see it in Folx> Preferences-> Tags).

2. Check the write permissions for the folder from point 1 (Finder > right-click on the folder-> 'Get info' > 'Sharing & Permissions' > 'Privilege').

3. Check how much real free space on the disk where the folder from item 1 is located. To do this, open 'Applications' -> 'Utilities' -> 'Disk Utility', select the disk of interest -> right-click -> 'Get info' -> 'Free space parameter'.

If the problem is not found, please contact our Support Team via email support@eltima.com


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