CloudMounter : OneDrive won't mount despite successful authentication(Read 280 times)
Hi there.

Just recently bought CloudMounter, and I'm loving it. Except for some few bugs and the lack of Share option on the context menu. But I'm glad "View on" was there, with an old Google Drive icon tho.

I have 3 cloud storage: Google Drive, MEGA and OneDrive. All of the got connected, except the OneDrive, despite each time successfully authenticating to my Microsoft Account.

In the attached file below, it even says "CloudMounter" has now access to my Microsoft Account.

After the hitting the "Continue" button, it exits the Microsoft Account login webpage, and redirect me to CloudMounter, but nothing really happens. See the screen capture on the attached files.

I've restarted everything I could, I don't know what seems to be wrong in here. Is this bug on the latest version? I'm on the Version 3.8 (680) right now.

Please help me fix this and don't make me ask a refund for this. OneDrive really is important to me right now, and it's a big deal breaker for me. Thanks

Please check the attached files below for the contexts, screenshots and screen capture of the experience because this old Forums annoyingly doesn't allow links, images or even bigger file attachments.
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Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce the issue on our side.

The issue could occur because the default browser is set to Chrome.
Please, provide us your Google Chrome browser version and macOS version.

Also, to resolve the issue try to perform the following steps:
- reboot your Mac and mount OneDrive once again;
- set up Safari as a default browser, re-launch CloudMounter, and mount OneDrive;
- if the issue persists, use the Spotlight search to check if you have in one copy on your Mac. If you locate more than one copy, delete them and empty the Bin. Reboot the Mac and mount the OneDrive once again.

Also, we would be very thankful if we can continue the discussion via email


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