USB Network Gate - Mac not connecting to Windows(Read 1222 times)
USB Network Gate - Mac not connecting to Windows on: September 07, 2021, 10:32:33 AM
I have a desktop PC with some peripherals (microphone, webcam) which I wish to use from my Mac.

I have installed USB Network Gate on my PC, and activated the 14 day trial.
I have also installed it on my Mac, but the trial has expired.

I have shared my webcam (and tried other devices too) from the windows PC, and they appear in the list on the Mac. However when I press "Connect", the icon gets a yellow dot, but nothing further happens, the activity log on the PC shows nothing (beyond "waiting for client connection"), and I am unable to connect to my devices.

I have tried the following:
- restart USB Network Gate on Windows (Including the windows service)
- restart USB Network Gate on Mac
- Restarted Windows
- Restarted mac
- Disabled firewall on PC
- Manually added IP/Port of remote device on the mac

None of the above options have any effect.

Is there a log file on the Mac i can use to debug? Are there any modes or configuration settings i can change to prompt it in to life?

How can I get this working?

Thanks in advance.



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