How do I remove license information from a computer for USB to Ethernet?(Read 9505 times)
The MIS manager accidentally entered in the license key on a USB to Ethernet install that was supposed to only be the client-end.

How do I delete the registration information from that computer? I can't even open the application, as it says that only one licensed copy can run at a time on the network. I don't see any command to unregister the license.

I found a post that someone posted a while ago, with the solution being to email support. I've done so and am waiting for a reply.

I've just replied to you via e-mail. Please check your inbox.

I have the same problem :(
Can you help me too?
Shell i send my ID or so?

Anybody here?  :o
i need with help!

to vnv-rus:

Sorry for the delayed response.
I've replied to you via e-mail.


       Check the following information Hope this information helps you.  :)


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