Serial Share 2.x requires share resetting and reboot.(Read 6713 times)
Serial Share 2.x requires share resetting and reboot. on: November 17, 2011, 12:13:26 AM
Operating SerialShare build (licensed) on Windows XP Pro SP3.  I am sharing physical port Com1 between instrument control software (Read/Write/Control) and an observation program (Read only).  I encounter the following problems:

1)  Upon reboot, the instrument control program can no longer communicate with Com1.  It appears to connect, but times-out on data transfers.  I must completely delete the share and reconstruct it before the instrument control program can read and write to the port.  This is all without the observation program having been executed.

2)  If I delete the share, execute and terminate the instrument control program, the SerialShare program can no longer create a share on Com1 without rebooting the computer.

The only way to establish communication is to create the share, attempt (and fail) to connect with the instrument control program, delete the share, recreate the share, and then restart the instrument control program.  This sequence must be executed each time the computer is rebooted.

Once there is communication with the instrument control program through the share, there are no problems executing the observation program.

Please advise so the share does not need to be deleted and recreated after each computer reboot.

Re: Serial Share 2.x requires share resetting and reboot. Reply #1 on: December 01, 2011, 08:43:56 AM

Sorry for delayed reply.

For your purpose we would suggest you try using another another Eltima Software product, called Serial Splitter, which is actually a successor of Shared Serial Ports and Advanced COM Port Redirector products that features not only a wide set of fixes and enhancements, but also has far greater possibilities.

With Serial Splitter you will be able to:
- split real serial ports into several virtual ones;
- join several serial ports into one virtual;
- share one real serial port between several applications;
- redirect dataflows from real ports to real or virtual ports;
- organize complex bundles with multiple ports on both sides.

Please download a free trial version of Serial Splitter from our official website, check if this product works correctly in your configuration and let us know the result:


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