u2ec and USB protection dongles (OS X and Windows 7)(Read 8331 times)
Hello there,

Just gathering some experiences from users that use USB to Ethernet Connector with protection dongles like :
- iLok (Pro Tools, many audio plugins)
- Syncrosoft (eLicenser, Cubase / Nuendo)
- HASP (Soundminer and audio plugins)
- SafeNet Sentinel (Pyramix)
- CodeMeter (Wibu Systems, SSL Pro-Convert)

I tried today with iLok and Syncrosoft with OS X.6.7 (server) and OS X.7.3 (client) and it does not work properly : USB dongles are shared with no problem, and visible / connectable on the client side, but the protected software does not recognize the "virtual" dongle.

Anyone have experience with these dongles, both under OS X or Windows 7 ? Thanks.

Re: u2ec and USB protection dongles (OS X and Windows 7) Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 03:01:22 PM
Hi there

Answering late but I just discovered etilma software .

I tried to share a syncrosoft licenser between a pc and a Mac
Worked great ! BUT .. I'm experiencing some random freezes.
I tried to launch Cubase 6 with a shared dongle .
Cubase was on my Mac and the shared dongle on the PC .
Worked beautifully . Really impressive.
Yet , I experience random freezings of Cubase that is probably due
To the sharing process .
I'm forced to quit the software , unplug the pc dongle , re-plug it and I can share the dongle again .

I will do more tests but as it is , it's not usable in a professional environment . Really too bad because
it works !!!! Just these damn freezings...

Ps : I didn't test sharing between a mac and a Mac. And didn't try sharing over INTERNET . Just LAN for now


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