Microsoft Lifecam Issue with USB to Ethernet(Read 8142 times)
Microsoft Lifecam Issue with USB to Ethernet on: April 19, 2012, 05:42:29 AM
I have qty 2 MS win 7 PC's both have firewall and Antivirus shut off.
I have install the USB to Ethernet version demo

1)I can share out the USB port on server containing the Microsoft Lifecam 1080P camera
2) I can connect to the USB on the server that contains the MS lifecam
3) when trying to access the can via skype, Vidblaster or any other application that can utilize a web cam, all I get its a "trying to connect" style of message. Skype provides a spinning wheel that indicates its trying to connect.

The light on the Lifecam does turn on as it appears the applications is connecting, however I never get video or audio returned ..

I have the latest firmware and drivers from MS, as the early versions produced the same results. Has anyone been able to successfully share and conncet and use a Microsoft Life Cam webcam?

any help would be greatly appreciated as this seems like the ideal solution I have been looking for, but only if it works..
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Re: Microsoft Lifecam Issue with USB to Ethernet Reply #1 on: April 20, 2012, 12:29:07 PM
Please try sharing your webcam with USB to Ethernet Connector and then connecting to it locally - using "Remote USB devices" tab in USB to Ethernet Connector on the same computer. Will the webcam work properly in this configuration?


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