CMS ERROR 512(Read 23623 times)
CMS ERROR 512 on: November 26, 2007, 08:33:25 AM

I have developed 2 applications both uses a Serial GSM modem
1) Wait for SMS upon receive .. query a database and send out result by SMS

2) Open an POP mail at timed regular interval and send the message by SMS

While using the Serial Share to make both apps use the same modem I get error CMS Error 512 and according to Hardware supplier comment below

CMS ERROR: 512 indicate 'MM establishment failure'.
This error occurs when you try to send a message and the module is receiving another one at the same time. This causes a collision in the message transfer protocol resulting in failure in sending the SMS and hence, +CMS ERROR: 512.

So the sharing is to queued properly !!!



Re: CMS ERROR 512 Reply #1 on: November 27, 2007, 12:16:30 PM
The situation which you have observed can be explained by the fact that serial ports are streaming devices and we cannot predict when the block of data being received will end. So, if the both applications (ports) are writing to the same COM port, the data from the two might get merged and the receiving party will be unable to correctly process them.

If you are able to modify your applications, we can recommend you to use a named mutex or other methods for synchronizing the serial communication.

As far as I know our technical support specialist Victoria is communicating with your on your further questions via email. Thanks for your attention to our products.


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