Eltima VSP cannot be created port in win98 SE.(Read 11780 times)
Eltima VSP cannot be created port in win98 SE. on: February 11, 2008, 07:11:45 AM
I have an Eltima VSP AX OEM 6.0. Everythins is working good in windows2000/XP/VISTA.
But I try to create a virtual port in win98 SE version using VC++ 6.0 for our recent project. In the example in VC++ 6.0, I always get a "cannot be created port" error. I install the Eltima VSP OEM package in 3 PCs (all in windows  98 SE) and I get the same problem, why is that?

I install the Eltima virtual serial port activex control package as follows:
1) Run the setup programm in the CD from Eltima. I check the system path and find the file "EVSPD.VXD" in c:\windows\system.
2) I run "vspdxp_install.exe".
3) I run "regsvr32 vsport.dll /i:"Name#code" to register the activex control and it seems successful because windows 98 show me a successful digbox.
4) I compile the example in VC++ 6.0 and everything is good before I create the 'COM6'.
5) I get a error messag box if I push the botton "create port", says "cannot be created port"

Re: Eltima VSP cannot be created port in win98 SE. Reply #1 on: February 14, 2008, 01:57:06 PM
We are sorry about the inconveniences you have experienced. We tried to reproduce the problem you described. The problem does not appear neither in our compiled example nor in manually compiled example for VC++6.0 It just takes some time to create port and finally it is successfully created.

Does this problem appear in our compiled example which goes with our Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control?

I kindly ask you to make sure that you are using the latest version/build of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control. To get the latest build of VSP AX OEM 6.x follow the download link you were provided after the purchase. Before reinstalling, uninstall the previous version and reboot the machine.

If you want us to check your registration info please send us  your order ID to mailto:support@eltima.com For security reasons do not post your order ID and any other Registration information online.


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