Visual Java Library: Pasting Data from an Excel Spreadsheet into an ELTable(Read 13995 times)
I created an ELTable with six columns. I tried to paste data into the columns simply by using the typical Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V sequence. No data was pasted. How can I make this work with the ELTable component ?

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Re: Pasting Data from an Excel Spreadsheet into an ELTable Reply #1 on: June 23, 2008, 05:42:32 PM
Current version of Visual Java/SWING Components Library doesn't feature the option to cut and paste values into created ELTable. We are going to implement this option in one of the future releases of Visual Java/SWING Components Library.

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Well I figured out a way to do it without modifying your source which of course you do not provide with a single user license.


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