Flash Decompiler: Failed to open <filename> ; File is corrupted.(Read 41561 times)

I downloaded the latest demo version and installed it ok, however I can't load any SWF files. During start up Flash Decompiler tries to load fd3_intro.swf and fails with the File Corrupted error (see above in subject). Win XP SP 2, IE 7 or Firefox, Flash player installed for both IE and FireFox. ZoneAlarm 7.0.462.0 running.

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Are you sure you are using demo version of Flash Decompiler Trillix?

The reason for the problem you have described is that users don't enter the registration info correctly. Although you receive the message about the correct registration, it still can stay in Demo mode. It's the peculiarity of our protection system.

Please enter your registration info again and pay special attention to several important points:

1. Make sure that there are no excessive spaces before/after your registration name/code when entering them into the corresponding fields. Those might have been introduced by the mail client you use.

2. There should only be letters, digits and dashes in your code. We recommend to execute Copy and Paste operations when entering your registration info.

3. It often happens that e-mail client breaks the string into 2 rows or introduces excessive gaps. Please make sure that the registration code you enter is a single sting of letters, digits and dashes.

We can also recommend to copy the code to WORD doc: to shrink the text so that the whole code fits on one line making sure that all spaces are eliminated.

If you still fail to register please provide us with (to support_AT_eltima.com):

* a screenshot (hit Alt+PrintScreen  and  then  paste  the image to Word doc file or Paint file) of the registration window with your Reg Name and Reg Key entered (but before you click "Ok" button) - so that I can see FULL KEY;

* a screenshot of Flash Decompiler About screen;

* order ID (reference number) for Flash Decompiler (the one you have received in order confirmation e-mail from the billing operator Element 5 or RegNow right after order placement).

i cant use my purchased version, i need to use it this week ! I would be satisfied with demo also, how can i reset the settings and use demo?

PS: i reinstalled, same issue...
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There is no need to reinstall Flash Decompiler. Just re-register it from Main Menu with your Registration info, strictly following the instructions in my previous post.

I have the same problem here with the DEMO. I haven't even registered it yet (and I won't purchase the program if the problem persists) and I'm already getting some friggin "File xxxx is corrupted" message right after start-up and upon opening swf files. This is really bugging me! What might be the problem here? Thanks.

Please, write to us at support[at]eltima.com and provide the following information:

1. Screenshot of Flash Decompiler Trillix "About" screen

2. Original EXE file that you tried to convert

Thank you.


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