Visual Java/SWING Components Library: Any examples of Table with dynamic dataset(Read 15816 times)

i am using a eltable to present the record and it allow user to edit the cell. there is a thread to update the record list continuing, but i find that there is a data asynchronous problem occurred if user is editing the existing cell. is there any example can show a correct usage in this case?

Thanks and regards

Unfortunately, the request is not quite clear. Please, send us working sample illustrating the issue you have encountered to for investigation.

i try to simplify the case,
i have ready a set of data into a model and then put it in a table for user edit,
at the same time, there is a thread behind it to update the data of the model.
eventually, i found that it cause the data of the model in mess. is it any proper way to implement this case? 

Thanks and Regards

The fact is that we were never reported of such issues before. We are ready to investigate the issue you have encountered, if you can send us the sample illustrating the problem you have encountered.


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