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Slow data transfer on: September 01, 2008, 06:11:00 PM
Recently we started testing with Eltima Serial to Ethernet Connector 5.0.
We use it to transfer data via Virtual Serial COM port over Ethernet from a Windows Vista x64 pc (quad core) to a Windows XP x86 (32bit) machine (dual core).
The data transfer is slower and sometimes it misses a small part of the message. It seems to arive at the second station more then 1 second after being transferred!
If we do the same thing via hardware serial cable it works properly.
The software that outputs the data is a program doing 3D simulations, and we check the data flow with hypertherminal. The data is NMEA GPS data at 19200Kb 2 times per second.
The data rate must be improved, can you help us to find the problem?

By the way, did you also notice that the Vista version port Edit Tab is not available?

Re: Slow data transfer Reply #1 on: September 02, 2008, 11:30:29 AM
1) We would recommend you to enable the "Baudrate Emulation". The name of the option itself implies that this option will make VSP act exactly as real COM port in regards of baudrate, i.e. decrease the speed.

2) We deeply apologize for all inconveniences you have experienced. If the buttons don't fit the application window, I can make an assumption your screen resolution differs from the standard one which our software was designed for.Please follow the instructions below:

* Display Properties -> Appearance -> Font Size -> Normal -> Apply.

* Display Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> DPI setting -> Normal Size (96 DPI) -> Apply.


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