Cab file distribution(Internet Explorer) Serial Port ActiveX Control version 2.9(Read 18643 times)
How do i create a cab file for silent registration of the sport.dll? i have tried using you examples to no avail. I am using Serial Port ActiveX Control version 2.9. Exactly what files do i need in the cab? i am trying to control a serial port on the client PC.

When i load the page from a client i always get the prompt to input the user name and registration code.

Please help......

1) I kindly ask you to refer to the User Manual for Serial Port ActiveX Control to know more about Quiet registration:

Serial Port ActiveX Control Manual ->General -> Redistribution -> Quiet Registration Ror OEM License Users

2) Please, be informed that we released Serial Port ActiveX Control 2.x  about 2 years ago. Since then there was new major version released. And naturally there are many new features added and many fixes made.

Please, read Changelog at the product page to know more about recent changes:

To know more about this product features, please visit the page:

Please, download free trial version of the product and test its functionality yourself:

OK. I just paid for and downloaded the latest version.Yes i uninstalled ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS BEFORE I DID THIS.

Now. I have followed the instructions in the help file EXACTLY to build the CAB file. As a matter of fact i did this SEVERAL TIMES. When i browse to the aspx page that has the SPort control from another machine, it still askes me for name and reg number. The CAB has been built EXACTLY as your instructions told me. And the control IS POINTING TO THE NEWLY CREATED CAB file.


Please, send us the command which you execute for Quiet Registration to

Provide us with order ID (reference number) for the product you ordered (the one you have received in order confirmation e-mail from the billing operator Element 5 or RegNow right after order placement).

For security reasons do not post your order ID and any other Registration information online.


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