RS232 data logger does not clear content of file with "Append to file" unchecked(Read 13972 times)
I am using your free RS232 Data Logger to log data from one of my devices. It works beautifully with "Append to file" checked.

But it does not clear the content of the file after I uncheck the "Append to file". It just appends the data to the end of the file.

How do I do to have the Logger clear the old content everytime it receives new data to write?

Please help.
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Thanks for report.

Our testers however were unable to reproduce the problem. What they did is:
1) click Stop;
2) disable Append to file option;
3) click Start;
4) we observe the file cleared up before logging new data.

Have we followed your steps?

Are you sure that the test file is not occupied by anyone when you re-start logging?

I log the data to 232.txt file.
1. Select the destination file, ie 232.txt.
2. Uncheck the "Append to file" option.
3. Press the "Start logging" button.

The following are the snapshots of my test operation.

The first data sent by my device.

The second data sent by the same device.

The third data sent.

The fourth data sent.

The logfile -232.txt. Each data starts from @ and ends with *.

Finally I understand why the logger operates in a way different from what I have in my mind.
I stop the logger and start over again. After I press the start logging button, it clears the content.

So the logger clears the content between each logging session but not between the data it receives.

In my operation, I want the old data to be cleared before the new data arrives.

Fortunately, I write two lines in my visual basic application to do this for me.

Code: javascript:void(0);
Open "232.txt" for Output As #1
Close #1

I have to thank you for your free software to help me do my work.
It does a good job and it is easy to use.

Thank you. :)

Considering the fact that this product is a freeware, furthermore since there are developer sources which come along with the software, we suggest that take all advantage of these additional sources, in order to make all the necessary modifications.

Thank you for your repsonse.
Your RS232 data logger is doing a very good job for me now.

I'm glad that it's now working as expected.  Please let us know if there
are questions on anything else.


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