BSOD with USB to Ethernet (Read 38569 times)
BSOD with USB to Ethernet on: June 27, 2012, 04:53:09 PM
We have 2 USB hubs with 9 Aladin dongles connected, with no problems at all. Now addes a Rockey dongle and on the moment that connects with the client the host pc get a BSOD.

I tried an another model/make usb and i connected the dongle directly on the pc but this was not fixing the problem.

Did someone a solutions for this?

Re: BSOD with USB to Ethernet Reply #1 on: July 04, 2012, 09:57:21 AM

Please specify the following:

1. What version of USB to Ethernet Connector do you use?

2. What OS (version, bit count) are you running on the server and the client?

3. Does the problem occur when there's only one dongle shared?

4. Try sharing the dongle with USB to Ethernet Connector and then connecting to it locally (from the same computer, using the "Remote USB devices" tab). Will the BSOD occur in this case?

5. Send us to the minidump for investigation.

The minidump is created on every BSOD occurrence. To find out the where the minidumps are stored on your PC, please do the following: right-click 'My Computer' -> 'Properties' -> 'Advanced' -> in 'Setup and Recovery' section click 'Settings' and check 'Write debugging information' section for the path to 'Small memory dump' (minidump) files.

Thank you.


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