Modem dialer application crashes when SPM monitors serial port(Read 10222 times)

My client has licensed copy of Serial Port Monitor (SPM) v4, I developed an application for them that communicates with their equipment via a dial-up Modem (IG6000 Industrial SmartModem, from NetComm) connected to serial port. They use SPM for monitoring serial port and my software to monitor their equipment.

When my app. starts up (but the dialing has not started yet), SPM shows data that my app. is sending to configure the Modem. My application works fine if your SPM is not running, but it crashes when they keep running the SMP and the moment my app. tries to dial the other end.

I run my app. from source code (I am using Visual C++ 2008, unmanaged), but at the moment the crash occurs, it hangs my entire IDE, so I cannot see where the problem lies in my code (if any). I used "overlapped I/O" for serial communication, speed is not that high, only 2400 baud.

Any idea what can go wrong in this case?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Modem dialer application crashes when SPM monitors serial port Reply #1 on: November 21, 2008, 09:54:31 AM

We are ready to help you. We have never been reported about the fact  that Serial Port Monitor hung the studio. I kindly ask you to provide us with additional information. Please, let us know whether the studio works fine again if you stop monitoring session.

I would recommend you to try to estimate where the root of the problem lies using Serial Port Monitor. Please check, what command comes to SPM just before the crash occurs. It could help you to find the solution.


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