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Register sport.dll during setup on Vista on: November 18, 2008, 02:57:06 PM
Dear all

I have to install an Access 03 Application using the Serial ActiveX Port. Everything is running correctly, the only problem remained is, that I can't register the sport.dll automatically.

As Access 03 makes problem with running the regsp.exe out of the software I tried to let register it during the installation process. We use the SageKey Software Access 2003 MSI Wizard. It is possible there to add some extra installs, where software can be run after the main installation. Please see attached File for these extra install (faked reg-key ;) ).

Unfortunately I don't receive any message at all if the registration worked for the sport.dll or any error messages. Is it possible to run the regsp.exe during a setup? My Registration key is for sure correct, as if I copy and paste the cmd-line to register manually it is working!

I tried to run the setup under an administrator account with "run as administrator" and disabled UNC. As well as using regsvr32 (instead of the regsp.exe), installed at another folder and without giving the path name where it is installed, in different combination. Nothing helped at all :(

Thanks for quick response and help


Re: Register sport.dll during setup on Vista Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 05:42:46 PM
Please, try to do the following:

Could you please, write bat file to the [EXTRA_INSTALLS] section:


To the bat file, please include the command which would execute the registration:

regsp.exe sport.dll /i:"TNT Swiss Post AG#aaaaaa-bbbbbb-cccccc-dddddd-eeeeee-ffffff-gggggg-hhhhhh-iiiiii-jjjjjj-kkkkkk-llll

Re: Register sport.dll during setup on Vista Reply #2 on: November 19, 2008, 11:39:12 AM
Hi Tina

thanks for your answer, but unfortunately it didn't help :(

I created the batfile and run it during the registration. But nothing happens at all. I don't receive an error message or a message that it was successful (is the regsp.exe running quiet mode?)? The dll is not registered, but when I run the bat-file manually everything is working.

Do you have any other ideas I could try? If it's running in quiet, is there a way to run it in a non-quiet mode?

Thanks for your help


Re: Register sport.dll during setup on Vista Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 03:33:26 PM
Dear Susanna,

Please, be informed that regsp.exe does not work in the quiet mode. It will work in quiet mode if you add /s key. Otherwise the error message or message about successful installation appears.

It may be that you installer does not launch bat file. Please make sure that you  write registration command in the script correctly.

Please try to write the command to launch notepad.exe in the bat file. Please, check whether it will launch.


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