Re-installation of virtual serial activex control and WHQL test(Read 8245 times)
We have an Eltima virtual port ActiveX control (6.2.41) and we hope created virtual COMs can be automatically installed when PC reboots. How can we make it?
Currently we use an application (in winservice) to re-install the VSP.
We need this because in the WHQL test for our product which includes the Eltima Virtual Serial ActiveX control, "Device Path execiser" test can bring a blue screen that is related with evserial.sys (can be seen on the blue screen) when windows is restarting (before the login window comes out). We think that this happens because driver has not been ready for the test (that is, not loaded yet when restarting windows).
Or maybe you could tell me a method to pass the WHQL test about the Virtual serial ActiveX control in our products.
Our service can re-install the virtual serial ports in a very good working condition without the WHQL test application.
Many thanks in advance.

Re: Re-installation of virtual serial activex control and WHQL test Reply #1 on: January 21, 2009, 01:42:40 PM
Please, note that the ports, created by Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control do not recover after system reboot.

We would appreciate if you send us the minidump. It is created each time BSOD is experienced.

To know the location of the Dump file on your PC do the following: right-click "My Computer" -> Properties -> Advanced -> in Setup and Recovery section cliсk Settings and refer to "Write debugging information" section to see the location of Dump file.

Please, let us know, whether your service just creates the COM port or creates virtual serial port and starts data transferring.


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