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iTunes Playlist Sync on: August 23, 2012, 11:51:58 AM
1. - According to it is possible to sync a bunch of songs from iTunes and have it create a playlist.

Why is there no option do that automagically? I have a lot of playlists and choose a couple based on my mood. For me this is quite a hassel to do it manually every time.

2. - I have my iTunes music well organized. All playlists are listed alphabetically, but not the folders they are in and the structure is gone. This means it is very hard to find a particular playlist.

I would love to see an option to browse the structure of my iTunes music as it is presented to me in itunes and just check the ones I want to sync an which one to remove by unchecking them

3. - The folders I use in my iTunes to group playlists together are not listed.

I would love to be able to check folders AND playlists, so all the music that is listed in one folder is synced at once.

4. - Right now all the playlists get their own folder on my SD-card on my android phone. This means that every song that is in more than one playlist is uploaded twice or more, If I would want that, I would choose the upload by folder option, not the itunes sync option. 

Please have the option to create playlists on my android phone and put all the music I upload in one folder called music/Syncmate so this does not happen anymore.

That said: I love that Syncmate is still under active development. There are programs out there that at least solve the double sync and folder sync option but development has halted. That is why I have chosen Syncmate.

Thank you for your time!

Re: iTunes Playlist Sync Reply #1 on: November 27, 2012, 11:20:09 AM
Yurigoul, your point 4 is annoying to me too - files don't end up in separate folders for each playlist, but tracks in more than one playlist end up with more than one copy on the phone. That's basically enough for me to abandon SyncMate entirely for music transfer and rely on Easy Phone Sync (Samsung Galaxies only, I think) which is kinda basic but does what it's supposed to.

On the other hand, Easy Phone Sync is rubbish for Address Book and iCal synchronization, and this is where SyncMate scores big time. Shame, I really wanted one program to sync everything, especially since I paid for SyncMate Expert in the hopes it would take care of my music as well!


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