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ELTableNavToolBar custom buttons events on: July 31, 2009, 03:16:22 PM

I know that this is trival question, but...
I know what number of toolbar components are buttons.
I can't get rid of action connected with some of them.
For example:
when user push add button I want my custom add dialog
to shows up without adding any rows to table, or to add
row but filled with data inserted by user in my dialog.

This same with remove button. I want to ask user if he/she
wants to remove item and if not I must have possibility to disable
this action.

Save button is easy, but I have to be shure, cleanig cache is
after I save table :).


Sorry for my horrible English. I hope you will understand me.
ELTable is great, very easy, but I don't want to have many
buttons doing this same job. It would be stupid, and user
unfriendly :)))

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