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Contact address mapping on: September 03, 2009, 03:36:07 PM
The problem with contact address mapping in the earlier 2.0 build does not appear to be fixed in the latest version and Syncmate also does not appear to remember which address book entries it has already synced. (I uninstalled and reinstalled Syncmate after updating to Snow Leopard and synced via WIFI because connection via USB does not work)

In certain contacts that are identified as 'company' in my Mac address book, with an address tagged as 'work', Syncmate adds a second address, also tagged as 'work', identical to the existing address, but without the country. This does not happen with all contacts identified as 'company' in my address book with addresses tagged as 'work', only certain ones. I can't figure out why it only does this with certain addresses. It appears to be completely arbitrary. It also doesn't happen with contacts tagged as company in which the address was originally (inadvertently) tagged as 'home'. I just synced my phone with Syncmate, without changing any contacts on the phone or in address book and the Activity Log indicates the following:

BackService version: 0.4.2b25
USB driver version: 0.2.4b13
Pocket driver version: 2, 0, 0, 322


Check connections.

Start sync service session.
Beginning a sync session for connection Kenneth (PocketConnection)

Push Prepare.

Starting push phase.
Direction - This Mac <-> Kenneth
Contacts in history - 278
Del 0 contacts from Kenneth
Add 0 contacts from Kenneth
Change 1 contacts from Kenneth
Direction - This Mac <-> Kenneth
Events in history - 55
Del 0 events from Kenneth
Add 0 events from Kenneth
Change 0 events from Kenneth

Starting pull phase.
Del 0 contacts from MAC
Change 39 contacts from MAC
Add 0 contacts from MAC
Del 0 appoints from MAC
Change 0 appoints from MAC
Add 0 appoints from MAC

Sync with sync service OK!

Start sync rest plugins


I had already synced the phone before using Syncmate via WIFI. After the initial sync, I deleted all the double addresses and synced again (after making some changes in iCal). The double addresses did not reappear in that sync session, but did reappear in address book today again..

It would be very helpful if the Activity Log listed what was changed or another log listing the changes were made available. It is worrying to read that x number of contacts were changed and x number of calendar entries were changed or deleted when I haven't made any changes that could add up to the number x... I rely on my calendar entries when billing my clients..

Re: Contact address mapping Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 11:39:14 AM
Please try the updated version - Build:
To download the latest version (build), please follow:
NOTE: to upgrade, first uninstall the current build (from Mac using uninstaller.pkg and from mobile device), reboot and install the new build.

If the problem persists please send us (email to the backup of your contacts and events for investigation. Surely we will keep the information secret.


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